Men’s/Boy’s Denim Jeans Imports Into USA – Jan-July 2009

The latest figures of imports of men’s/boy’s denim jeans into US reveal that the imports of Men’s Jeans are down by 3.9%  during the period Jan-July 2009 as compared to the same period in 2008..

Imports of Men’s/Boy’s Denim Jeans –2009 (million pcs)

Particulars Jan-July 2009 Jan-July 2008 % Change
Men’s Jeans 108.79 113.26 -3.95%
Boy’s Jeans 43.92 36.87 +17.67
Total 152.71 150.13 +1.35%


Boy’s jeans , on the other hand, have increased in imports by over 17% !. However, since the actual import size of Boys’ Jeans is small, the net impact of both the categories put together is slightly positive and gives a healthy figure of +1.35% . This augurs well for the coming times if seen with the figures of Imports of Women’s Jeans also – which have shown a 6.3% rise during 2009

What is the reason for a great surge of imports in the Boy’s Jeans ?? No clear explanation seems to be available for this as of now. But it is seen during previous years that Men’s Jeans imports are concentrated more in the last 5 months of the year than the first 7 months. Last year almost 50% of the imports of Men’s Jeans were during the period September – December.. On the other hand, Boys’ Jeans imports seem to be evenly spread out during the year ..

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