Denimsandjeans Vietnam – Post Show Report 2024

The Denimsandjeans Vietnam show, held on June 26-27, 2024, with the theme “ROOM TO ROAM,” was a resounding success. We were honored to host esteemed denim supply chain companies from over 10 countries, showcasing their world-class products. Attendees experienced the forefront of fashion, technology, and innovation presented at the event. The enthusiasm of our partners created a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere for all participants. Special arrangements were made to provide visitors with a wider array of product choices. Additionally, the event featured interactive seminars led by industry experts, further enriching the experience.

The two-day event in Ho Chi Minh City garnered significant attention from over 250 companies, attracting attendees from neighboring countries as well. With over 650 visitors, primarily buyers due to restricted entry, the event provided an ideal platform for exhibitors and attendees to experience the Denimsandjeans showcase firsthand. It offered an excellent environment for viewing diverse products, discussing strategies, and fostering collaboration among businesses.

There was no shortage of popular brands and retailers participating in the event and showcasing their products. The event was attended by visitors from a number of global companies including Adidas, Asmara , Crystal Group , Creative Resources , Cosmopolitan , Dong Minh , Evolution 3 , Gap , MGF Group , PPJ Group , M&R , PVH , Saigon 3 , Saitex , SMT Fashions , T&T Group , Solto Industries , Target , Tap International , VF Corporation , Vinatex , Walmart etc to name a few.

Event Theme

This year, we introduced the innovative theme “ROOM TO ROAM – OVERSIZED DENIM UNVEILED,” showcasing the oversized denim culture with Denimsandjeans in 2024! Room To Roam was a unique blend of baggy fit and loose denim trends.

Trend Area

The 6th edition of DnJ Vietnam featured a Trend Area showcasing the “ROOM TO ROAM” theme. The collections on display were categorized into six major groups: Loose Fit Luxe, Traveler’s Wardrobe, Sustainable Roominess, Fiber Room, My Fashionable Room, and a Selvedge Arena. Each category reflected the latest trends and provided customers with insights into fabrics, washes, styles, fibers, and more. The Selvedge Arena highlighted selvedge denim from Japan and other parts of the world.

Denim Bazaar

Denimsandjeans also showcased the Denim Bazaar in Vietnam, combined with a B2B denim supply chain show. The bazaar featured unique indigo and denim producers, especially boutique ones, attracting connoisseurs from Vietnam. A lot of fascinating denim products were displayed in this area.


Participants were also invited to attend forums and seminars conducted by experts on various important denim-related topics. The primary goal was to provide valuable insights and ideas on how this framework can be utilized as an effective tool for business operations across different industries. The presentations and panel discussions were both inspiring and highly informative. We are pleased to share the details below:

World’s First Biochemically Modified Pre Reduced Natural Indigo – Generation Next In Indigo

This talk was given by Yawer Ali Shah – who is Co-Founder And CEO At AMA Herbal and he spoke in detail about how their biochemically modified pre reduced natural indigo.

Video :

Chàmpions Of Indigo – The Future Is In The Past

This was an interesting talk between Mitchell Vassie, a Fashion Designer and Educator, and Sam Thi Tinh, a traditional craftsperson from the village of Hoa Tien in Quy Chau. The discussion was a knowledge-sharing session led by the local artisan, focusing on the techniques they have been using in indigo.

Video :

Jeaneration Z – Denim Trends In America – For 12-27 Years Age Group

This talk was given by David Tring, a Visiting Fellow at the Hong Kong Design Institute and former VP of Lee Jeans Asia Pacific. It was a very interesting presentation related to denim trends.

Video :

Weaving A Future: Connecting The Denim Industry And Education

This was a panel discussion between David Tring, Visiting Fellow at the Hong Kong Design Institute and former VP of Lee Jeans Asia Pacific; Mitchell Vassie, Fashion Designer and Educator; Dileepa Marasinghege, Associate Vice President of Global Technical Services at MGF Sourcing (Far East) Limited; Michael Lam, CEO of Advance Denim in Hong Kong; and Corinna Joyce, Senior Programme Manager at RMIT. The discussion focused on education in the denim industry.

Video :

3 Fs Of Leading Japanese Denim Brands

A Talk n by Yuji Honzawa , Founder, Doctor Denim Honzawa , Japan and supported by Bobby Tohma President, Amhot Holdings, LLC. This was a talk focussed on 3Fs (Fabric , Fit and Finish) of leading Japanese denim brands EDWIN, LEVIS and UNIQLO .

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