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This article is first in the series of articles for the companies who regularly  participate in Denimsandjeans shows. These are very reputed players in the denim supply chain and leave their footprints on the industry. We will bring the various aspects , strengths, products etc. of the companies through regular articles .

Officina+39 Italy

About The Company

OFFICINA+39 is a division of Techna Italia, company born in Italy in 1990 and dedicated fully on chemicals for textile industry. About their background in their own words :

“OFFICINA +39 division started in 2006 as the innovative branch and it’s becoming the most important division of the group.The company strongly believes in service and support to the customers as key of our daily activity and Continuous Research and Developments on new process and technology are their mission.A team with common passion for textile world and fashion,OFFICINA+39 combines experience of real professional people, devoted to anticipate, develop and support market demands related to garment field. It’s real heritage is made up of thirty year experience dedicated to research and chemical application in textile sector, and present engagement to transmit it to new technicians generation. The group based in Biella, near Milan in the     north of Italy. In Biella they’ve main office, R&D center, production facilities and warehouse.With the capacity of 20 tons daily and having a sales turnover close to 10 Million USD, OFFICINA has become one of the major denim chemical company within less than two decades in Italy.The company’s USP is its Innovation on Eco-sustainable products.”

Product Range – Current Focus

  • RECYCROM: Colors to dye recycling 100% textile waste REMOVER IND/J: Substitute of PP ZF RESIN SYSTEM: System for 3D effect and permanent creases formaldehyde free and without glyoxalic ( the company claims to provide 100% guarantee for no damage fabrics)
  • NOAMIN AZ: Anti-ozone softener avoiding gas-fading issue
  • NOVAPRET NFC/LT: Low temperature Bleachable resin.

AW17/SS18 Products

The company showcases the following products created using their chemicals .

Exhibitor Of This Week - Officina +39 From Italy | Vintage Recall Exhibitor Of This Week - Officina +39 From Italy | Vintage Recall Exhibitor Of This Week - Officina +39 From Italy | Vintage Recall Exhibitor Of This Week - Officina +39 From Italy | Vintage Recall

Market Focus

The company believes that Europe and Mediterranean area, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Korea, Colombia, Peru, USA, Ecuador, Mexico are their main markets over which they are closely focusing and to tap the potential of these regions, the company lunched  different local branches in: COLOMBIA (OFFICINA+39 COLOMBIA is managing all South America with local dilution plant and warehouse). USA (OFFICINA+39 USA is managing north and central America with local dilution plan and warehouse). BANGLADESH (OFFICINA+88 is managing South Asia market with local dilution plant and warehouse) during last year. In addition to that ,the company is also planning to open a new plant for RECYCROM Colors .

Sustainable Products


Exhibitor Of This Week - Officina +39 From Italy | Vintage Recall

  Remover IND/J & Swept

Exhibitor Of This Week - Officina +39 From Italy | Vintage Recall

Future of Denim As Per Officina+39

Denim was and is the most innovative garment in the fashion industry. To maintain its status, Denim must remain in the future as pioneering as possible. Investing in innovation to provide to the designers the newest technologies possible in the fashion industry.

Suggestions For The Industry

The Denim industry’s efforts must be to reduce its environmental footprint in the future. All the players in the Denim industry have responsibility on this, so it’s the real time to jump in new age. All we must support and promote eco-sustainable process.

Officina+39 at Denimsandjeans Shows !

Officina+39 and Denimsandjeans Shows

Exhibitor Of This Week - Officina +39 From Italy | Vintage Recall

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