Germany – Imports of Denim Jeans | 2010-2014

Germany is the largest market for denim jeans and apparel in Europe . It has a strong affiliation for jeans , specially men’s jeans , and is importing them from not only around the world but also from within EU27.  No exporter , whether outside or inside EU , can ignore the German market due to its sheer size.

We will look in this report the following :

a) Imports of denim jeans made into Germany from EU27 , 2010-2014
b) Imports of denim jeans made into Germany from out of EU27 , 2010-2014
Total quantities of jeans coming into Germany during this time.
d) Average prices coming from these regions during 2010-2014 period.
e) Trends in quantity and prices  from these two origins and their comparison. Which of them gets an  increasing share of the market now?
f) Tables , graphs and explanations.

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