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The Bangladesh show  had a successful debut  with its first edition being appreciated by exhibitors and visitors alike. With 25  companies from 9 countries around the world as exhibitors, the show was an invite only show with visitors screened for their close association with buying activity in the denim supply chain. Over  1000 visitors from over 300 companies visited the show in the two days of 1st and 2nd March’14.    The ...Read More

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The Bangladesh Show , brought in association with Denim Expert Ltd, is all set to launch on 1st March’14 at Hotel Radisson, Dhaka. The show has received a great response for its debut edition and some of the best denim and related companies are a part of the show. The list of exhibitors at the show is given below . Company Country Products American And Efird. USA Industrial Sewing And Embroidery Threads Archroma (Bangladesh) ...Read More

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Are you ready to be denimified ?? If not, be so ! Bangladesh – the first denim show in Bangladesh is on its way to open shortly at Dhaka on 1st March’14 and brings out the coolest in denim selection to this second largest denim hub  worldwide.  The show is not only the first to be held at Dhaka , but also the first one in this region to have to have a unique assortment of top  companies from around the world – including Italy, Brazil, Pakistan, India, ...Read More

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Denim by PV – SS’15 | Part III

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Further to our two previous posts on the SS’15 denim (part 1 and part 2) trends from  the Denim by PV , this is the third and the last one. As mentioned before, the interest in denim looked much higher at the show and also the visitations to the show were much higher than in May  . We all look forward to its first edition at Barcelona next year. Artistic Fabric Mills- Pakistan AFM focused on super soft and super stretch fabrics for women – creating these fabrics with multiple ...Read More

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Denim by PV – SS’15 Trends | Part II

December 20th, 2013 by SANDEEP AGGARWAL | No Comments | Filed in Denim Fairs/Exhibitions, Denim Trends

Subsequent to our first report on DPV SS’15 , here is our second , and a little delayed report, on the show . This report will mainly focus on the products and collections displayed by different companies who participated in the show. But before we start, lets see what the reputed denim master Adriano Goldschmied has to say. (to watch all videos and presentations, you need to go online here) A Chat With Adriano Goldschmied We had a small chat with denim Guru Adriano Goldschmied . On ...Read More

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Denim By PV 27th and 28th Nov `13 | SS`15 Collections

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Denim by PV is back again on 27th and 28th Nov at Paris. With over 80 companies from different countries around the world participating from the denim supply chain , the fair is always an exciting place to be to. Companies shall present their collections and there will be some events as well.. We are giving here below a snapshot of some of the activities and  presentations that will take care . Of course, a much more detailed report will follow after our visit ! Arvind Brings the Neo ...Read More

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New SS’15 Concepts By Soorty

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  Soorty (Pakistan) is presenting some novel concepts for the SS’15 season at Denim by PV to be held on 27th and 28th Nov at Paris. Here is a teaser of some of these concepts to be launched at this show . One Dip Color denim which is sustainable, cost effective, and low MOQ A very interesting combination of characteristics for color denim. Soorty introduces One DIP color denim concept. It is dipped in different moods of summer and passionate emotions. Garments made with this ...Read More

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Denim by PV Shanghai Show Oct 2013

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The third edition of Denim by PV Asia will be held at Shanghai on 22nd and 23rd Oct. Over 25 companies from the denim supply chain will participate in the show.  The show will also feature an open table conference on ‘Responsible Creations”. This conference is organized in collaboration with C.L.A.S.S – an Italian forum .The speakers will include Luca Galvani (Sustainable and compliance manager ), Georgio Armani, Enrique Silla from Jeanologia and others. Different companies and ...Read More

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Imports of Denim Apparel In US : Improves in 2013

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The US imports of denim apparel show some improvement in 2013. While we had been happy to note a  fall of 3.5% only!  in 2012 over 2011 figures, the first 5 months of 2013 show an increase of about 2.7% over the last year . Lets have a look at the table and chart below : Period Qty (Million pcs) Price ($/pc) 2012 (Jan-May) 157.8 8.33 2013(Jan-May) 162.1 8.22   +2.7% -1.3% The quantity of imports has increased marginally by 2.7% but it has an important psychological ...Read More


H & M Countrywise Sales in 2012

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Unmindful of the not so inspiring economic situation in Europe, H & M is steaming ahead with continuous growth . It is conquering new territories with stores opening in different countries at rapid pace. In 2012, it opened 304 new stores (29 more than planned)  and now totals over 2776 stores in 48 countries. The new markets it entered like Bulgaria, Latvia, Malaysia, Thailand and Mexico seem to have brought good response to the retailer. The giant retailer will be opening 325 new ...Read More