Premium Jeanswear launches in India

‘Business Casuals’ approach in many offices in India is pushing the demand for premium jeanswear in India. Many companies are relaxing the norms of wearing Jeanswear into office (even in weekdays) provided they are ‘Clean’ While media houses and BPOs have traditionally been open to casual wear at work, an increasing number of IT and BT companies are now following suit..

Wrangler’s(India) new ‘Truly Clean Look’ has received a very good response from professionals. Says Janani Subramanian – business head of Wrangler India – ‘This audience is responsible for 40% of our Clean Jeans sale’.
Other brands are not to be left behind. Flying Machine (from Arvind Brands’ stable) is set to launch a premium line soon in the price range of Rs 1800 to Rs 4000/-. Dockers from GAP is set to launch a premium denim line this month in the price range of Rs 2000/-

High disposable incomes and the need to feel COOL at workplace is turning into money making oppurtunity for the premium denim manufacturers asper Times of India report
Also, it creates oppurtunity for the Denim Manufacturers who can come out with fabrics which are suitable for these kind of jeans . A major part of the fabrics used by these brands is and shall be the ‘Mercerised’ denims with Multicount ringspuns and fine slubs as per the current trends. ALso dark denims are important for this Target Audience….

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