US Imports of Mens/Boys Jeans & Breeches 2000-2006

US is the most important market for the Jeans. US imports huge quantities of denimwear from around the world.
The following figures will reveal how big this market is really. I am giving herebelow the figures of only the Mens/Boys Jeans and Breeches into the US from the year 2000 to 2006.

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Year Qty (Million pieces) Value (USD Billion) Average Price(USD/pc)
2000 194.19 1.41 7.28
2001 196.86 1.46 7.42
2002 235.69 1.73 7.36
2003 249.31 1.87 7.50
2004 259.74 1.93 7.45
2005 295.02 2.16 7.33
2006 293.62 2.10 7.15

Source : US Customs

We can see that the market is really huge with almost 300 million jeans imported only for Mens/Boys in 2006 .
The average price figures are though a little odd. It was expected that the average prices of jeans imported into US would have fallen significantly after quota removal. However, the figures do not reveal such a story. The prices are more or less stagnant around USD 7 – though a fall of about 5% is visible from 2004 to 2006.

But we must not forget that the character of jeans imported into US has changed a little over a period of time. Previously the majority of jeans imported were made of Basic denims and in basic styles. However, slowly the composition of fabrics have changed and more value added – like rings, slubs ,multicounts etc – are being used. These have contributed in increasing the average prices of jeans sold to US. However, it still needs to be remembered that a huge quantity of jeans are still exported to US at prices of USD 4-6 on one hand and on the other ,jeans of USD 10-15and above are also imported in sizeable numbers. Thus bringing average prices to these levels

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