Levi’s Launches Denizen – The Denim Brand For Emerging Markets

Levi’s seems to be betting on greater growth from emerging markets like India, China , Korea and Singapore . It launched last week a new brand called ‘Denizen’ .Denizen is the first brand out of Levi’s stable to be launched out of US . The brand is said to be built around the needs of the new emerging middle class and is all about giving them jeans at affordable price points and up-to-date fits and finishes .  In an interview with CNBC TV 18 , Levi’s CEO John Anderson mentioned that China and India are two important markets for Levi’s. Both have similar and fast growing middle class with consumers aspiring to get into global brands but are restricted due to the price factor.
Levi’s is aiming to price its Denizen brand in the range of $40-$55/= and it will be expensive than the Signature brand.  Denizen has been launched in China first , then in Singapore and Korea and then it will be test marketed in India .  Already having a strong sales in India, Levi’s seems to be focusing on China and Korea to achieve better market shares there too. It is expecting a double digit growth rate both in China and India and these growth rates will help it power its worldwide growth.

The dENiZEN brand is designed for 18 to 28-year-olds who seek high-quality jeanswear and other fashion essentials at affordable prices. The product collection – including a variety of jeans, tops and accessories – complements active lifestyles and empowers consumers to express their aspirations, individuality and attitudes.

“The dENiZEN  brand is made for a new generation of young people who are motivated and forward-looking,” said Terence Tsang, senior vice president, dENiZEN™ brand, Levi Strauss & Co. “It offers an updated twist on classic essentials, encouraging consumers to create their own style and find their own voice. With the dENiZEN™ collection, we present quality jeans that are fit for everybody.”

To represent this new generation of consumers who inspired the development of the dENiZEN™ brand, the company is also introducing dENiZEN™10, an innovative and unique pan-Asian social media project involving real people with unique personalities and individual voices.

The dENiZEN™ brand selected ten individuals from across the region – China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and India – to capture the mood of “Asia Rising”. These ten people represent the spirit of the dENiZEN™ brand. They are optimistic global citizens passionately pursuing their dreams. The dENiZEN™10 will spend 100 days sharing their experiences and response to the new brand on social media channels – as well as their thoughts on various life themes that speak to the new generation.

Approximately 50 dENiZEN™ retail stores will open their doors to shoppers by the end of 2010 across China, Korea and Singapore.

Levi’s has been adopting some very unique marketing techniques to become the largest denim brand in India and these include innovative schemes like Denim on Credit . With the upcoming launch of the Denizen brand, Levi’s can hope to deepen its penetration here .

Note: The global headquarters of Denizen brand will be based in Hong Kong (suppliers pl note ! )

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