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Bangladesh is the  second largest  producer of denim apparel worldwide. In 2012 it shipped over 117 million pieces of denim apparel to EU , second only to China (at 148 million pcs) and  67 million pieces of denim apparel to USA , third only after China and Mexico . Besides , it exports a large quantity of denim quantities to other countries around the world , including South Amercia, Africa , Japan and other countries in  South East Asia. It has preferential treatment in EU with its GSP and duty free access to markets in India , besides some other countries.  The unique thing about Bangladesh is that most of its 5600 factories are concentrated in a  limited geographical area around capital city Dhaka and the port city Chittagong. This creates the most unique cluster for denim and other apparel manufacturing worldwide. Another major factor that goes in favour of Bangladesh is its huge pool of over 4 million skilled and semi skilled labour , including women, which is difficult to find in other countries. 
Most of the major world retailers and brands either have  their own offices or use the over 300 buying offices located mainly in Dhaka,  to source about $20 billion of  apparel from Bangladesh. This concentration of buyers and manufacturers creates a microcosm of intense apparel related activity which has been multiplying in the last few years at a fast pace.  Though Bangladesh has been in  adverse news recently on compliance issues, they have set in motion forces which will enable it  to  focus  on and further strengthen the weak areas as it moves forward to take the next leap in apparel production. Rapid development of an industry  ,concentrated in a short period of time , many times causes some imbalances which need to be corrected  as it poises for further growth.

Denim is one of the most important woven denim apparel being manufactured in Bangladesh with a number of large and small factories a part of this group. In the initial years after the MFA phase out, Bangladesh’s main USP was its low price and attracted retailers looking for basic low priced jeans, shirts, children garments etc. However, the industry developed rapidly as skills improved  , with large contributions from a number of expats employed from India, Turkey, Italy etc leading many of the companies to evolve out of the basic levels and move on to higher levels of denim productions. This enabled them to cater to a number of highly quality conscious brands like G-Star, Uniqlo etc. This was also greatly helped by the strides made in washing development in the country with a number of good washing units (out of an estimated total of 650) using Italian and Turkish expertise to upgrade the washing capabilities. This upward movement in the value chain became very important for Bangladesh as it enabled it to now cater to all kinds of price , value and quality points in denim apparel – from the lowest to the highest . This has also enabled it to cater to markets like South East Asia, China, India , South America , Russia etc apart from its conventional markets – EU and US. The rapid  development of a local denim fabric base with about 200 million mtrs of annual capacity  to support its apparel production also further strengthened its supply chain – backed up by an increasing spinning capacity.

imageRecognizing this importance of Bangladesh in the world denim scenario, it was felt by us that it was very important to bring a platform specially designed for the denim industry where the key players  in the supply chain can come together at one place to add value to each other’s efforts. To this end , we are launching the firstgreen denim copy_thumb[6] Denimsandjeans Show Bangladesh  where a number of key denim suppliers ,who have already signed up for the show, will showcase their products to a select and invite only audience of denim buyers, designers, sourcing people etc. The products displayed by these companies will cover all the major trend areas currently prevalent in denim. ECO SUSTAINBILITY and RECLYING aspects of the industry would be a very important component of the show  This show to be held at Dhaka on 1st and 2nd March’14 , in association with Denim Expert Ltd , shall have some of the best companies in the denim industry worldwide bringing their latest developments to the select audience of buyers who are individually being invited by us. Since this will an invite only show,  visitors wishing to join the show, and connected with the buying/ sourcing/ designing and other related  activities,  should visit our registration page and fill up the same for getting an invite.

For more info on the exhibitors and buyers attending the show , pl email us here

  1. Dear Team,
    It is obviously a good job of arranging an amazing show for denim and jeans. We the Bangladeshi’s should apply for getting invitation from you. Hope it will be a revolutionary program for denim garments exporters and their employees.

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