Sustainable Efforts And Products By The Exhibitors At Sustainable Interplay – Part IV

In our previous articles – Part IPart II, and Part III we have featured our 15 exhibitors with their sustainable efforts and products. In this article, we are going to feature 5 more exhibitors of Sustainable Interplay – A Virtual Show scheduled on Nov 23All the following descriptions are in the company’s own words.

Iskur Denim | Fabric | Turkey

Sustainable Products

Iskur Denim is a part of Iskur Group, which is one of the biggest textile group in Turkey. Iskur Group has it’s own Re-Cycle Fiber and Yarn factory. As Iskur Denim, we use our own Post Consumer and Pre Consumer Re-Cycled Yarn in many articles. We use a water-saving indigo dyeing process (WAW) for all of those articles which saves up to 95% water. The Royal indigo color that we have for those articles got the highest laser performance score (13 LSF).

Sustainable Products

We use Organic, BCI, and CMiA Cotton in many articles which require less water and give less harm to the environment. We also have “Zero Cotton” articles that use only natural fibers. Such as Art.61324 and Art. 61325 Vintage- 69,8% Modal + 18,7% PES, 10,1% Viscose + 1,4% Elastane We have also Hemp, Cashmere and Linen blended fabrics.

Pre and Post Consumer Re-Cycled Yarn Organic, BCI, CMiA cotton Natural Fiber (Tencel, Modal, Hemp, Soy Protein Fiber, Cashmere, Linen) Water Saving Indigo Dyeing process (up to 95% water saving) Renewable Energy Sources (having own Solar Power, Wind Power systems and Co-generation plant)

As Iskur Denim, we are giving service to the top denim brands such as Inditex.They are regular inspecting the physical and social efficiency of the entire facility and Inditex graded us with “B” lately. We are also under process of BSCI certification.

Sustainable Certifications


Denim Clothing Company | Garments | Pakistan

Sustainable Products

  • Post-Consumer Waste Cotton
  • Post Industrial Waste Cotton
  • Recycled Polyester made from waste Plastic bottles
  • Sustainable Dyed Fabrics with Zero Discharge
  • Sustainable Finishing with Zero Discharge
  • Sustainable Laundry with Low Impact Chemicals & Technology
  • BCI Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Eco made T400
  • Green Lycra

Sustainable Practices

  • Recycling of Waste
  • Recycling of Water
  • Recycling Chemicals
  • Zero Discharge of Hazardous Content
  • Less Water Consumption
  • Low-impact Chemical Consumption
  • Renewable Energy
  • Upcycling Denim

Human Sustainability

  • Training & Development
  • Education Workshops
  • Regular Health Assessments
  • Medical Coverage
  • Workplace safety
  • Trees and Mangroves Plantation
  • Internships programs for Students

Sustainable Certifications


Elin by Elasten | Yarn | Italy

Sustainable Products

Elasten offers a wide range of hyper-sustainable products since we use linen, hemp, or similar -the greenest materials- from 80 to 95% in composition combined with the elastic fibre through the most innovative elasticization techniques. This generates durability of final products which was never seen before.

Elasten invented a new technology called BFlex which puts more plies of hyper-sustainable materials together creating a technical and fluid effect. It can be applied on any kind of material, depending on which the natural stretch effect or the brand new handle will be more evident. Materials are used 100% in composition thus they can be recycled as many times as you wish.

Sustainable Practices

We changed our production speed and adjusted our machines so that we reduced the consumption of electricity by 50%.

Human Sustainability

We carry out our human respect towards our employees trying to keep work in Italy. Our patents are aimed at this ethical purpose, that is keeping every step of the supply chain in Italy guaranteeing a future for our children as well.

Sustainable Certification

Elasten is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and we were also GOTS certified for some customers as part of their supply chain

Envoy Textile | Fabric | Bangladesh

Sustainable Products

ENVOY’s REBORN series features bringing new life to waste and recycled materials by transforming them into functionable and moreover fashionable products. Envoy’s HEMP Denim – Hemp is less costly to produce and process than other sustainable options such as organic cotton and linen. it is also much more environment friendly.

Zero Cotton Denim By Envoy Textiles is made with lyocell and recycled polyester without the environmental impacts of cotton. Each pair of jeans in Zero Cotton denim saves more than 7,000 litres (1,849 gallons) of water.

Sustainable Practices

Envoy Textiles established ECO LAB, for its relentless pursuit of sustainability. Equipped with Jeanologia laser, ozone and other latest laundry machines, collaboration with global leading chemical suppliers, the mission of ECO LAS is research and development for new laundry solutions: less water, less chemical, more efficiency, transparent and better working environment

Human Sustainability

Provident Fund | Profit Sharing | Medical Expense Reimbursement | Salary through the bank before next month | Canteen with subsidized meals | In Campus dormitory | Sports facilities

Sustainable Certifications

LEED PLATINUM | ISO 14001 | CPI 2 | GOTS | GRS | BCI | amfori BSCI | YESS | ZDHC | DETOX | Higg Index | PaCT | PURE | National Environmental Award 2019

Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipment | Technology/Machine | India

Sustainable Products

* State of the art system for bleaching & fading indigo-dyed & other garments.
*Huge savings in water consumption thereby reducing ETP load
*Ozone fading helps in maintaining the tear/tensile strength of the fabric, unlike conventional bleaching.
*Helps to easily remove back-staining in denim without the use of water/chemicals.
*SGS THIRD PARTY AUDIT certified globally.

*XDRUM-TM is an elegant & inexpensive system that saves water, uses fewer chemicals & extends fabric life.
*XORBS -TM polymer technology which is Reusable Recyclable & safe
*XDRUM enables conventional washing machine to use XROBS technology by realizing them into the wash cycle where they interact with garments with less chemistry

*Our Machines are designed to run on low liquor ratios thereby reducing water/energy/chemical consumption
*Our Machines are engineered for long product lifecycle with low energy consumption.
*Our machines are auto programmable thereby reducing manual intervention leading to lesser rejections.
*Our machinery ae designed to reduce physical strain of operators contributing to ease of labor like auto unloading/auto tilting .
*Precooling of garments in dryers for easy unloading


Meet all these exhibitors and more and check out the BEST in SUSTAINABILITY in the indutry at our SUSTAINABLE INTERPLAY event on Nov 23 from 11am Central Europe Time. Register at and get your unique code to PRE SCHEDULE your FACE2FACE meetings with the exhibitors.

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