Sustainable Efforts And Products By The Exhibitors At Sustainable Interplay – Part V

In our previous articles – Part IPart II, Part III, and Part IV we have featured our 20 exhibitors with their sustainable efforts and products. In this article, we are going to feature 7 more exhibitors of Sustainable Interplay – A Virtual Show scheduled on Nov 23All the following descriptions are in the company’s own words.

Naveena Denim Limited | Fabric | Pakistan

Sustainable Products

Natural Adaptive Fabrics. Denim Ox Collection by Advance Denim Archroma – Less Water Dyeing Thirst Free Denim by G2 Jeanologia Less Water Finishing.

PCW denim with PET Bottles (Repreve) and Recycled Cotton . Sustainable Denim collection with different eco blends like Refibra / Ecovero / Tencel / Modal / Viscose.

Sustainable Processes

ETP for wastewater treatment.
Caustic Recovery Plant for reuse of caustic.
Zero Liquid Discharge (RO for Facility Employees & Community). Engagement with WWF & Gold membership.
Training on OSH under International Labor & Environmental Standards (ILES) Water Saving-Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) 50% reduction in water consumption till December 2022 Energy monitoring system for entire production – (SCADA) Renewable energy (in progress).

Human Sustainability Efforts

  • Comfortable Work Environment.
  • Focus on Work-Life Balance.
  • Urge Sick Employees during Covid-19 to Stay Home & Stay Healthy.
  • Provide financial Support from employee welfare programs.
  • Make Recognition and Praise Part of our NDL Culture.


  • HIGG FEM (Facility Environmental Module)
  • HIGG FSLM (Facility Social & Labor Module)
  • ZDHC Gateway Clean Chain By ADEC innovations
  • BCI (Better Cotton Initiatives)
  • OCS (Organic Content Standard)
  • GOTS (Global organic textile standard)
  • RCS (Recycled claim standard)
  • GRS (Global recycle standard)
  • ISO EMS -14001 ISO OHSAS -18001 ISO QMS -9001

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Contemporary Development

Nandan Denim | Fabric | India

Sustainable Products

  1. Zero cotton
  2. Zero water dyeing
  3. Re-cycle fibre
  4. Sustainable fibre

Sustainable Processes – Re-design of process to save water

  1. Re-cycle of water
  2. Re-cycle of chemicals
  3. Water saving process.
  4. Sustainable chemicals


Blue Alchemy SRLs|Consultant | Italy

Sustainable Products

Up-Cycling Denim
All-in-one Processes thanks to a specific enzyme, saving 4 times less water than conventional

Sustainable Practice

Laser Ozone, Working in a Laundry with recycled water waste, treating garments with low water consumption by machineries powered with renewable solar energy.

Sustainable Certification

ZDHC Chemical Management

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Fashion Accessories India Pvt Ltd | Accessories | India

Sustainable Products

We use recycled materials of brass, copper & alloy to make metal trims. Our USP is that we do not use electroplating processes to colour the metal; instead we use natural powders. This leads to 60-80% reduced consumption of water, electricity & chemicals.

Sustainable Practices

  • Vegetarian Faux Leather Patches – Since the inception of our company, we have never used genuine leather. Our USP is our PVC free faux leather that has the same look and feels like genuine leather.
  • FSC certified recycled jacron patches – that can be complete recycling of brass, copper, and alloy metal scraps generated in our factory & increased use of recycled material.
  • No electroplating of metal trims which has 60-80% reduction in the use of water, electricity, and chemicals
  • Effluent Disposal

Human Sustainability

Menstrual hygiene workshops, seminars with local doctors for precautions to be taken against COVID-19 + additional insurance to cover COVID, virtual up-skilling workshops during the lockdown

Sustainable Certification

OEKOTEX Standard 100

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BCT DENIM DIVISION | Fabric | Uzbekistan

Sustainable Products

EARTH BALANCE with laser friendly denim and full laser processed jeans
SMART BEAUTY with umorfil bionic fiber mixed that is sustainable&functional material for skincare and UV protector.

Sustainable Practices

Indigo fera farming and our own natural indigo dyestuff production are based on our eco-friendly denim products.

  • Pre-consumer recycling
  • Re-design for the circular economy
  • 0 water and chemical consumption with full laser finish on laundry

We have ETI for ethical code to keep sustainable improvement.

Interloop Limited | Garments | Pakistan

Sustainable Products

  • Dusty Charcoal
  • Vintage Embrace
  • Summer Rush
  • Bristly Stubble
  • Ripped Chestnut
  • Wild Forest
  • Trust Vesty

Sustainable Practices

From sourcing responsibly to reducing our carbon footprint and taking care of our communities. We are proud that our practices are in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are investing heavily and implementing:

  • Green Processes
  • Eco Materials
  • Water Conservation
  • Reneweable Energy

Human Sustainability

At Interloop, our people are truly our greatest asset and at the heart of everything we do. Our unwavering commitment to the triple bottom-line approach of People, Planet, and Prosperity.

Sustainable Certifications

  • Oeko-Tex
  • WRAP
  • GOTS
  • OCS
  • GRS
  • BCI

Soorty Enterprises | Fabric+Garments | Pakistan

Sustainable Products

Soorty’s C2C denim & garments verticle line was launched with an artisan techno approach. The digital garment was fully created in 3D with no fabrics being touched. Using digital craftsmanship along with uniquely crafted engineering techniques, the collection is not wasting any material and using solely data. Welcome to the future of fashion.

The most durable and oldest natural fibres used in textiles, HEMP made a strong comeback. Feel fresh, confident, and comfortable in your jeans.
Our use of ORGANIC COTTON increased by 130% from 2018 to 2019 and we are both Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified.

Sustainable Practices

Zero waste water dyeing and finishing generate up to 90% of water savings compared to old dyeing. This is a life-changing success, yet, we will continue to expand the borders.

SmartBlue is the newest pillar of our Smart Laundry set up which reduces the use of water & chemicals drastically and implements zero discharge of hazardous chemicals, enabling sustainable garment production at scale. This future-proof innovation the result of the collective hard work of the Soorty X Garmon team.

Human Sustainability

Awareness of breast cancer among our female workers, we are happy to announce our commitment to a new level of responsibility and the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). Planting with the Groasis.

Sustainability Certifications

Cradle to Cradle, GOTS, BCI, Global Recycled Standard, OEKO TEX

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