Marketing campaigns by Indian Denim Brands

The premium denim brands in India are launching niche campaigns to push their them deeper into Indian psyche.

WHY? : Obvious answer is more sales. But the need for various campaigns has also been accentuated by the fact that various International Brands like Ralph & Lauren, Diesel and GAS have become more aggresive in India . Another positive factor which is motivating the brands to invest more in campaigns is that the usage of high-end jeans in India is set to pick up with more and more offices (particularly in IT & BPO industry) allowing semi-casual wears.


WRANGLER – Go Clean – ‘Clean Skin,Clean Bikes,Clean Jeans’ : Clean jeans is obviously the ‘Clean Look denim ‘ – an effect which is achieved through mercerising the denims . But why ‘Clean Bikes’ and ‘CLean Skin’ ? Well, Wrangler has tied up with Castrol and Kaya Skin clinic to together take on the young and hep newly employed crowd of India who are very concious about their looks..Also Wrangler feels that distressed look is out and raw rinse look is in..
LEE: The tagline for the campaign HISTORY ROCKS’ AND ‘LEE SKINNY is ‘Not for the masses” sends a clear message. These jeans are for upwardly mobile only who want to look apart from the crowd..
LEVIS”SAY NO TO PLASTICS’ – This campaign of Levi’s is targeted to bring the attention of the consumers on the Red Loop of Levi’s. Also, it means that they are looking at consumers with some attitude who want to be seen as proactive in environmental conciousness.. Though Levi’s claims to have a good response after the campaign, I have my doubts over the efficacy of such campaigns in India..

Others in the line include Flying Machine’sCREATIVE CULT‘ campaign . As I mentioned before, ‘Flying Machine’ has been relaunched as a high end brand with prices of Rs 1800 & up.

IT & BPO workers have become a formidable (somewhat homogeneous) group of cash rich young people which various industries are targetting to tap in their own way. So Denim Industry was not expected to remain behind such ideas come to even our politicians(CPM) who want to unionise this group!!!!!

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