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289.Levi’s Women Jeans USA – An Analysis And Comparison Of 2023-2024 Products
288.Denim Apparel From Vietnam To USA – Top 15 Brands In 2023
287.Indian Denim Men Jeans – Dec’23 and Sept’23 Comparison
286.BOOHOO UK – Women And Men Jeans Analysis 2023
285.Top US Denim Brands Buying Jeans From Pakistan
284.OLD NAVY USA – Women And Men Jeans Analysis 2023
283.European Denim Market: Analysis of Pakistan’s Exports (Sep’22 – Sep’23)
282.UK Denim Market: Bangladesh’s Exports (Sep’22 – Sep’23)
281.AG Jeans (USA) Women Jeans : Trend Analysis For Retail Sales 2023
280.15 Indian Denim Brands Retail – A Detailed Report And Analysis
279.7 For All Mankind (USA) Women Jeans : Trend Analysis For Retail Sales 2023
278.Levis (US) Men Jeans : Trend Analysis For Retail Sales 22-2023
277.Nudie Jeans Men and Women Jeans Sweden – An Analysis And Comparison OF Online Retail 2022-2023
276.American Eagle Women Jeans USA – An Analysis And Comparison OF Online Retail 2022-2023
275.Levi Women Jeans USA – An Analysis And Comparison OF Online Retail 2022-2023
274.Denim Exports from Vietnam To Europe
273.Top Turkish Denim Companies Importing Pakistani Fabrics In 2023
272.Top Vietnamese Denim Companies Using Pakistani Fabrics In 2023
271.Denim Exports from Vietnam To Japan In 12 Months
270.Denim Exports from Bangladesh To Canada In One Year
269.Exports Of Denim Apparel From Bangladesh In Last One Year
268.Top 15 Japanese Brands Buying Denim From Bangladesh In 2022
267.Top Bangladesh Denim Companies Using Pakistani Fabrics In 2022
266.Top 15 US Brands Buying Denim From Turkey In 2022
265.Top 15 European Brands Buying Denim From Bangladesh
264.Denim Apparel From Bangladesh To US Market – Top 15 Brands In 2022
263.Top Denim Buyers In Europe In 2022
262.Top Buyers In India For Denim Garment From All Countries
261.Denim Apparel From Vietnam To USA – Top 15 Brands In 2022
260.Top 15 European Brands Buying Denim From Pakistan
259.Top US Denim Brands Buying Jeans From Pakistan In 2022
258.Top Denim Fabric Buyers In Bangladesh -2022
257.Bangladesh Denim Imports – Jan and Feb 2022
256.Columbia Denim Imports From Turkey In 2021
255.US Denim Imports From Vietnam In 2021
254.Pakistan Denim Fabric Export During March-April 2021
253.Equador Denim Imports – April 2021
252.Report On Mexico Denim Imports–Feb , March 2021
251.Report On Colombia Denim Imports–Jan 2021 & Feb 2021
250.US Denim Imports Recover In 2021
250.Vietnam Performed Better In 2020 Compared To Others : Exports To EU 2010-2020
249.Turkey Performed Better In 2020 Compared To Others : Exports To EU 2010-2020
248.Pakistan Denim Exports To EU Falls 25% In 2020 – Check 10 Years Data
247.Indonesia Exports Of Denim Jeans To EU 2010-2020
246.Report On Colombia Denim Imports–Dec 2020 & Jan 2021
245.Chinese Exports Of Denim Jeans To EU 2010-2020
244.30% Fall In Jeans EU Imports From Bangladesh In 2020
243.Report On Mexico Denim Imports–Dec 2020 & Jan 2021
242.Imports of Denim Fabric In Indonesia In January & February2021
241.Denim Import By Vietnam – January 2021
240.Colombia Denim Import In December 2020
239.Upward Trends In Mexico Denim Import During Nov 2020
238.Colombia Denim Import On Recovery Path
237.Ethiopian Jeans Export During December 2020
236.Mexico Reaches To Pre Covid Level Of Denim Imports In October 2020
235.Vietnam Imports Over 7 million Mtr Denim Fabrics In Oct 2020
234.Denim Fabric Imports By Indonesia – October & November 2020
233.Buyers Of Indian Denim Fabric – Oct/Nov’20
232.Recovery For Indian Denim Export During Oct & Nov’20
231.Report On Denim Imports- Ecuador (Aug-Oct’20)
230.Is Indonesian Denim Apparel Export Struggling ?
229.Report On Colombian Denim Import During Aug-Sept 2020
228.Vietnam Denim Fabric Import: June 2020
227.Vietnam Denim Fabric Import: Jan-April 2020
226.India Exports Over 15 Mil. Mtrs Of Denim In Sept 2020
225.India Becomes The Biggest Denim Exporter To Colombia During June-July,2020
224.Mexico Denim Imports Falls Drastically During May-June 2020
223.Ethiopia Jeans Export Shows Signs Of Recovery During July-Sept 2020
222.Denim Fabric Imports By Indonesia – September 2020
221.Mexican Denim Import Falls By 55% In June’20 From May’20
220.Denim Fabric Import By Indonesia – July 2020
219.34% Fall In Ethiopian Jeans Export During April-June’2
218.73% Of Colombian Denim Imports Comes From India In May 2020
217.Denim Imports By Chile During March-June 2020
216.China’s Loses 21% Share In The Mexican Denim Imports In May 2020, India Gains 25%
215.Ecuador Denim Fabric Exports From January To April 2020
214.Not China, India Emerges As The Biggest Denim Exporter To Colombia During March-April 2020
213.Top Indonesian Exporters Of Denim Apparel In June 2020
212.Report On Mexico Denim Imports – April 2020
211.Denim Imports To Colombia Falls Up To 33% During Jan-Feb’20
210.COVID Hits Indian Denim Industry Hard, Export Falls By 31% In March 2020
209.COVID 19 Hits Jeans Export From China To EU, Plunges By 40% In Jan’20 YOY
208.Ethiopia Jeans Exports January 2020
207.Denim Fabric Imports In Colombia During October 2019
206.Denim Fabric Import In SRI LANKA – November 2019
205.Denim Fabric Export From India Increases By 5.83% During Feb’20
204.EGYPT Denim Fabric Imports In 2019
203.Mexico Denim Export During September-November 2019
202.Columbia Denim Imports-October 2019
201.Jeans Export From USA To EU Tumbles By 35% In 2019
200.Guatemala Imports Of Denim Fabrics : 2019
199.Ethiopia Jeans Exports-November And December 2019
198.EU Denim Fabric Export During 2017 – 2019
197.Mexico Imports Of Denim Fabric-November 2019
196.Denim Fabric Exports From India Surge In Jan 2020
195.Sri Lanka Denim Fabric Imports : August And September 2019
194.2.31 Million Pcs Jeans Import In India During Dec,19
193.Import Of Jeans From China To EU Falls By 21% In 2019
192.Mexico Denim Fabric Imports : October 2019
191.Denim Fabric Imports In Colombia During September 2019
190.Peru Denim Fabric Imports : May 2019
189.Mexico Denim Imports During August And September 2019
188.Jeans Import In Italy From Rest Of EU Increases By 40%
187.Jeans Exports From Vietnam To EU RisesDuring Jan-September’19
186.Denim Fabric Export From India During September-October 2019
185.Report On Denim Fabric Import By Colombia In The Month Of August 2019
184.A Fall Of 9% In The Denim Export From Bangladesh To EU During Jan-Aug’19 , Is All OK ?
183.Denim Exports From Cambodia To EU Falls During Jan-August’19
182.Mexico Denim Fabric Imports : June 2019
181.Denim Exports From Myanmar To EU Increases By 300% Since 2016
180.Report On Japanese Denim Fabric Export – 2017 To 2019
179.Denim Apparel Exports By Srilanka During May 2019
178.Japan Jeans Import : 2017 – 2019
177.India Imports Of Jeans : May’19 To Aug’19
176.Turkey Exports Of Jeans To EU 2017 – 2019
175.Bangladesh Vs Pakistan – Denim Exports To EU From 2016 To 2018
174.Exports Of Denim Apparel From Ethiopia During April-June&19
173.Turkey Loses , Pakistan Takes The Lead In EU Denim Fabric Imports During Jan-March’19
172.Ecuador Denim Imports For June 2019
171.Mexico Denim Fabric Imports : May 2019
170.Imports Of Denim Fabric In India During April- June’19
169.Sri Lanka Denim Fabric Import : April 2019
168.Mexico Denim Import : March- April 2019
167.Denim Fabric Imports In Colombia | March-May, 2019
166.Jeans Imported In EU | 2016- To – Feb 2019
165.Denim Fabric Imports In Colombia | Jan-Feb, 2019
164.Mexico Exports Of Denim – Dec 2018 : Jan 2019
163.Denim Fabric Exports From India Jump In First Quarter Of 2019
162.Denim Fabric Imports In Columbia | Nov-Dec , 2018
161.Mexico Denim Import During November 2018
160.Report On Denim Imports By PERU During October-December 2018
159.Imports Of Denim Fabric By Ecuador| September-November,2018
158.Mexico Denim Exports During Sept-Nov, 2018
157.Denim Fabric Imports In Columbia During October 2018
156.Major Denim Fabric Importers Of Mexico | Aug’18-Oct’18
155.Top 10 Denim Fabric Importers Of Mexico | Aug 18- October 18
154.Rising Indian Imports Of Denim Garments 2018 – Part I
153.EU Exports Of Denim Fabric To Tunisia And Morocco: A Study For 2015-2018
152.EU Increasing Its Denim Jeans Exports From 2015-18
151.Denim Exports By Mexico To The USA From 2014 To 2018
150.U.S. Denim Imports 2018 vs 2017
149.Global Denim Fabric Exports 2010-17 | Share Of Cotton Vs Man Made Denim
148.Cambodia Exports Of Denim To USA Expected To Grow Faster Than Pakistan In 2018
147.Top Countries Exporting Denim Fabrics To Japan
146.Where Is Japanese Denim Fabric Shipping ?
145.Denim Exports To USA By Vietnam Grow Sharply | 2014-18
144.Leading Indian Denim Fabric Suppliers To Bangladesh
143.Denim Exports By Egypt , Tunisia And Morocco To EU : A Comparative Study For The Period 2015-18
142.Leading Bangladesh Factories Buying Denim Fabrics
141.Denim Imports In EU From Turkey & Pakistan–A Comparative Study Covering The Period 2014-17 
140.US Denim Imports Jump In 1st Qtr 2018
139.Imports Of Jeans Into EU From Mauritius For The Period From 2014 To 2017
138.Turkey Denim Exports To EU From 2014 To 2017 Grow
137.Imports Of All Denim Apparels Into EU From Pakistan For The Period From 2014 To 2017
136.Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia Exports To US From 2014 To 2017
135.India Vs Pakistan | Exports Of Denim To US From 2014 To 2017
134.Denim Imports Into US From AGOA, ASEAN, Latin America, EU and CAFTA Regions
133.China Vs Pakistan | Denim Exports To USA From 2013 To 2017
132.Importers And Exporters Of Denim Fabrics In Indonesia | Oct 2017 To Dec 2017
131.Imports Of Denims Into USA From China From 2014 To 2017
130.Consumption Of Jeans In France For The Period From 2014 To 2017
130.Consumption Of Jeans In Sweden For The Period From 2014 To 2017
129.Jeans Imports From Turkey Into EU For 2015 To 2017
128.Imports Of Denim Jeans Into EU From Morocco | 2015 To 2017
127.Denim Supply Chain Agents In More Countries
126.Consumption Of Jeans In Netherlands From 2014 To 2017
125.Pakistan Exports Of Denim To US and EU | 2016-17
124.Latin American Exports Of Denim To US | 2014 To 2017
123.Import Of Denim Fabric From Turkey Into EU | 2014-17
122.Imports Of Denim Fabrics In Mexico During 2014-2017
121.Imports Of Denims Into US From Top 8 Countries For Nine Months Ended 2016 And 2017
120.Denim Supply Chain Agents In Switzerland,Sweden And Italy
119.Italy Exports Of Jeans To Rest Of EU | 2014-2017
118.Colombian Denim Buyers In Aug-Sept. 2017
117.Top Denim Fabric Exporting Countries For Mexico During 2014-2017
116.Jeans Consumption In UK , 2014-17
115.Consumption Of Jeans In Germany | 2014-2017
114.German Agents In Denim Supply Chain
113.Colombia Top Denim Importers | May-July 2017
112.Imports Of Denim Into USA From CAFTA For 2015- 2017
111.Mexican Denim Exports To USA | 2015-2017
110.Denim Fabric Imports In Bangladesh From India For August 2017
109.International Fabric Buyers For Indian Denim
108.Imports Of Denims Into USA From Jordan 2015-2017
107.US Denim Imports From ASEAN Countries | 2015-17
106.Egypt Jeans Exports To EU And US | 2015-2017
105.Indonesia Denim Exports To US And EU |2015 – 2017
104.Imports Of Denim Into USA From AGOA For 2015 – 2017
103.Morocco Exports Of Jeans To EU for 2014 To 2017
102.Imports Of Denim into USA From Vietnam | 2015-2017
101.Report On Import Of Denim Fabrics Of Colombia For April, 2017
100.Report On Import Of All Denim Apparel Into EU From Mauritius For 2014 To 2016
99.Denim Apparels into USA and EU from Cambodia 2014 -2016
98.Bangladesh | Top 10 Buyers Of Denim Fabrics From India
97.Exports Of Denim Fabric and Garments To EU By India | 2014 – 2016
96.Major Colombian Denim Importers | Jan – March 2017
95.Mexico Denim Exports And Imports 2016
94.Bangladesh Denim Buyers | Dec. 2016- Feb. 2017
93.Colombia Top Denim Buyers | Oct-Dec 2016
92.Top Denim Fabric Suppliers To Argentina | Nov 15-Oct 16
91.Cambodian Denim Exports To EU And US | 2011-2016
90.Pakistan Beats China In Jeans Exports To EU
89.Top 24 Denim Fabric Suppliers To Colombia | July’15-June’16
88.11 Important Denim Buyers In Peru | 2015-16
87.Top 15 Colombian Denim Buyers | July 2015-June 2016
86.Exports Of Denim Fabric By Mexico | 2015-2016
85.Export To USA & EU By Pakistan | 2012-16
84.Imports Of Denim Fabrics For Consumptions By USA| Year-To-Date from Jan–May,2015-16
83.Exports Of Denim To USA Show Different Patterns From Exporting Countries Jan-May 2016
82.EU Denim Import 2005-2015 | A Data Analysis
81.Denim Imports into EU From Turkey | 2012-2015
80.US Denim Import 2012-2015
79.Report on Spanish Denim Jeans Consumption 2010-2014
78.US Women Jeans Imports Rises 2.2 percent While Men`s Jeans Imports Fall 2 Percent | 2015
77.Report on Italy Denim Jeans Import 2010 -2014
76.Report on Denim Jeans Market In France 2010-2014
75.Jeans Market In UK | 2010-2014
74.Colombia Denim Report | 2014-15
73.Germany | Imports of Jeans :2010-2015
72.Vietnam Importers Of Denim Fabrics
71.Denim Imports in Germany : 2010-2014
70.Importers of Denim Fabrics in Colombia – Sep-Nov ’14
69. Denim Exports from Cambodia to US : 2011-2014
68. Importers of Denim Fabrics in Colombia – July-Aug’14
67. Cambodia Increases Minimum Wages
66. India Denim Exports 2014
65. Germany – Imports of Denim Jeans | 2010-2014
64. Colombia Denim Imports – April 2014
63. Colombia Denim Imports – May/June`14
63. 10 LA Denim Full Package Companies
62. Denim Fabrics Imports Into US Falls 19% : Jan-May,2014
61. Colombia Denim Imports – April 2014
60. Mexico – Denim Fabric Imports | 2012 and 2013
59. Colombia Denim Importers : 2014
58. Women Jeans Exports From US :2012 and 2013
57. EU Revokes 26% Duty on Women Jeans Imports From US
56. EU Jeans Imports Increase 8.3% In 2013
55. US Denim Imports 2012-2013 Jan- Dec Up 3.7%
54. Women Jeans Imported Into US Under Special Programmes | 2012 vs 2013
53.Mexico Denim Fabric Imports | Part I
52.Japanese Imports of Denim Fabrics | 2012 and 2013
51. Japan–Imports Of Denim Fabrics | 2012-2013
50. Production of Jeans in East EU Countries
49. Denim Fabric Shipments from India | 2013 –I [Data Report]
48. China : Wages . Piece Rates in Denim Industry
47.Japanese Exports of Denim Fabrics: 2013
46.Indonesia Denim Fabric Exports–A Report
45.Denim Fabric And Apparel Consumption in US
44.H & M Suppliers in different countries
43. H & M suppliers in 5 countries
42Japanese denim production and consumption – A note
41.China Denim Brands Market – A note
40.Levi’s Approved Factories from 8 Countries
39.Levi’s Approved Factories in China
38. Top 10 denim corporations Worldwide
37.Chinese Denim Brands (16) – II
36.UK Importers of denim apparel
35.Turkey – Exports of denim fabric and apparel : 2001-2011
34.10 knitted denim fabric suppliers from China
33.EU  production of denim fabrics : 2005-2011
32.US denim fabric – Actual production 2009-2011
31.Mexico – Denim Fabric Exports
30.18 Denim brands from China
29. Japan- Denim fabrics Exports and Imports : 2011-2012
28.Bangladesh Denim Market
27.US Fabrics Up and Apparel Imports Down – Jan-May 2012
26. Colombia Denim Buyers -2
25. Sri Lanka Denim Buyers –2
24. Denim Import Duty Calculator For India (Download)
23. Denim Jeans Production In Italy , Portugal and Spain
22.US Denim Imports Fall Again : 1st Qtr 2012
21.Denim Jeans Importers In India–1 [Subscribers Report]
20.Denim Fabric Importers India 2012- I [Subscriber Report]
19.Colombia Denim Buyers
18.EU Exports Of Denim Fabrics 2010- 2011
17.LESOTHO–Denim Buyers, Export Figures , Fabric Import etc.
16.Listing Denim Fabric Buyers In Chile
15.Sri Lanka: Listing 6 Buyers Of Denim Fabrics
14.US Denim Imports Under Special Programmes
13.Egypt : Denim Exports 2000-2011 ; Main Suppliers Etc
12.Denim Fabric Exports From India–Oct – Nov’2011
11.Denim Fabric Imports Into India 2011
10.Pakistan Denim Mills, Exports Data, Suppliers Etc
9.Denim Agents In Europe –II
8.Denim Agents In Europe – I
7.China Denim Exports : 2000-2011 , Quantities, Prices ,Suppliers etc
6.Vietnam : Denim Exports To EU /US ,Main Suppliers etc
5.Bangladesh Denim Exports : Prices, Quantities , Values , Graphs Etc–2000-2011.
4.Listing 4 Importers Of Denim Fabrics In U.S.A
3.Shipments Of Denim Fabrics From India – Prices , Destinations Etc[Subscriber Report]
2.Cambodia – Exports Of Jeans ,Prices, Main Suppliers Etc [Subscriber Report]
1.Important Denim Jeans Factories In South America And Their Buyers – [Subscriber Report]

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