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87.Top 15 Colombian Denim Buyers | July 2015-June 2016
86.Exports Of Denim Fabric By Mexico | 2015-2016
85.Export To USA & EU By Pakistan | 2012-16
84.Imports Of Denim Fabrics For Consumptions By USA| Year-To-Date from Jan–May,2015-16
83.Exports Of Denim To USA Show Different Patterns From Exporting Countries Jan-May 2016
82.EU Denim Import 2005-2015 | A Data Analysis
81.Denim Imports into EU From Turkey | 2012-2015
80.US Denim Import 2012-2015
79.Report on Spanish Denim Jeans Consumption 2010-2014
78.US Women Jeans Imports Rises 2.2 percent While Men`s Jeans Imports Fall 2 Percent | 2015
77.Report on Italy Denim Jeans Import 2010 -2014
76.Report on Denim Jeans Market In France 2010-2014
75.Jeans Market In UK | 2010-2014
74.Colombia Denim Report | 2014-15
73.Germany | Imports of Jeans :2010-2015
72.Vietnam Importers Of Denim Fabrics
71.Denim Imports in Germany : 2010-2014
70.Importers of Denim Fabrics in Colombia – Sep-Nov ’14
69. Denim Exports from Cambodia to US : 2011-2014
68. Importers of Denim Fabrics in Colombia – July-Aug’14
67. Cambodia Increases Minimum Wages
66. India Denim Exports 2014
65. Germany – Imports of Denim Jeans | 2010-2014
64. Colombia Denim Imports – April 2014
63. Colombia Denim Imports – May/June`14
63. 10 LA Denim Full Package Companies
62. Denim Fabrics Imports Into US Falls 19% : Jan-May,2014
61. Colombia Denim Imports – April 2014
60. Mexico – Denim Fabric Imports | 2012 and 2013
59. Colombia Denim Importers : 2014
58. Women Jeans Exports From US :2012 and 2013
57. EU Revokes 26% Duty on Women Jeans Imports From US
56. EU Jeans Imports Increase 8.3% In 2013
55. US Denim Imports 2012-2013 Jan- Dec Up 3.7%
54. Women Jeans Imported Into US Under Special Programmes | 2012 vs 2013
53.Mexico Denim Fabric Imports | Part I
52.Japanese Imports of Denim Fabrics | 2012 and 2013
51. Japan–Imports Of Denim Fabrics | 2012-2013
50. Production of Jeans in East EU Countries
49. Denim Fabric Shipments from India | 2013 –I [Data Report]
48. China : Wages . Piece Rates in Denim Industry
47.Japanese Exports of Denim Fabrics: 2013
46.Indonesia Denim Fabric Exports–A Report
45.Denim Fabric And Apparel Consumption in US
44.H & M Suppliers in different countries
43. H & M suppliers in 5 countries
42Japanese denim production and consumption – A note
41.China Denim Brands Market – A note
40.Levi’s Approved Factories from 8 Countries
39.Levi’s Approved Factories in China
38. Top 10 denim corporations Worldwide
37.Chinese Denim Brands (16) – II
36.UK Importers of denim apparel
35.Turkey – Exports of denim fabric and apparel : 2001-2011
34.10 knitted denim fabric suppliers from China
33.EU  production of denim fabrics : 2005-2011
32.US denim fabric – Actual production 2009-2011
31.Mexico – Denim Fabric Exports
30.18 Denim brands from China
29. Japan- Denim fabrics Exports and Imports : 2011-2012
28.Bangladesh Denim Market
27.US Fabrics Up and Apparel Imports Down – Jan-May 2012
26. Colombia Denim Buyers -2
25. Sri Lanka Denim Buyers –2
24. Denim Import Duty Calculator For India (Download)
23. Denim Jeans Production In Italy , Portugal and Spain
22.US Denim Imports Fall Again : 1st Qtr 2012
21.Denim Jeans Importers In India–1 [Subscribers Report]
20.Denim Fabric Importers India 2012- I [Subscriber Report]
19.Colombia Denim Buyers
18.EU Exports Of Denim Fabrics 2010- 2011
17.LESOTHO–Denim Buyers, Export Figures , Fabric Import etc.
16.Listing Denim Fabric Buyers In Chile
15.Sri Lanka: Listing 6 Buyers Of Denim Fabrics
14.US Denim Imports Under Special Programmes
13.Egypt : Denim Exports 2000-2011 ; Main Suppliers Etc
12.Denim Fabric Exports From India–Oct – Nov’2011
11.Denim Fabric Imports Into India 2011
10.Pakistan Denim Mills, Exports Data, Suppliers Etc
9.Denim Agents In Europe –II
8.Denim Agents In Europe – I
7.China Denim Exports : 2000-2011 , Quantities, Prices ,Suppliers etc
6.Vietnam : Denim Exports To EU /US ,Main Suppliers etc
5.Bangladesh Denim Exports : Prices, Quantities , Values , Graphs Etc–2000-2011.
4.Listing 4 Importers Of Denim Fabrics In U.S.A
3.Shipments Of Denim Fabrics From India – Prices , Destinations Etc[Subscriber Report]
2.Cambodia – Exports Of Jeans ,Prices, Main Suppliers Etc [Subscriber Report]
1.Important Denim Jeans Factories In South America And Their Buyers – [Subscriber Report]